Julie-Anne Grace

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Facilitator

& Singer-Songwriter

Heal and Gain
Complete Freedom
From Narcissistic Abuse

One-on-one/group coaching and healing recovery programs and events, along with music and performances offering hope, inspiration and community – all designed to help you heal and soar high after narcissistic abuse.

Julie-Anne Grace

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Facilitator

& Singer-Songwriter

You Can Feel Safe,
Loved and Supported

Allow me to hold your hand as you finally release the trauma, begin to heal the pain and come back to your true self. It’s safe now and you don’t have to do it on your own. 

Narcissistic abuse brings us to our knees. You may not even know what has happened to you, you just know you feel despair, powerless and beyond confused.  Yet you feel you cannot live without this person, desperately trying to hold on to the “love” you thought you had.  Meanwhile, you feel ashamed, diminished and sucked dry of your life-force, as you feel the agony of tolerating and enduring what feels like a slow death of yourself and your soul.

I understand. I suffered childhood narcissistic abuse and was in a relationship with someone who was destroying me piece by piece until I lost myself completely and ended up losing everything dear to me – my home, my family, my work, my life.

But I healed and went on to soar like I could never have imagined. Now I help women just like you to heal and soar high into their new life and love.

Here’s How You Can Heal and Soar

Step 1

Begin to understand what has happened and where you are now

Step 2

Be given a step-by-step guide for healing the pain and all the hooks of narcissistic abuse

Step 3

Start creating the life and love you want and soar high

Receive one-on-one support and be in community with other women who understand.

“I attended Julie-Anne’s workshop when I was in so much pain.  I knew something was very wrong but didn’t realize I had been  through narcissistic abuse.  When Julie-Anne started talking about narcissism and sharing her own story, I realized right away that my father was a narcissist – everything started to make sense.  I felt so relieved to finally be heard, for someone to truly understand and to know I am not alone.  My tears flowed as Julie-Anne showed me how to connect with and start to heal my “little one” inside. I went on to have a private session where I went even deeper.  I am healing and I am so very grateful.”

– Lia, Germany

Working with Julie-Anne is like having your very own personal angel guiding you to love.”

– Sabrina, USA

“Julie-Anne creates an environment of incredible compassion and safely. Her work has opened my eyes and given me a completely new perspective on my life, who I am, what my experiences have meant and how i can heal. I have hope that I haven’t felt in so long, thank you.”

– Su-Li, Australia

“Julie-Anne embodies the love and radiance of which she teaches.”

– Lara & Johnny Fernandez (Love Launch Training)

“Julie-Anne’s work guides women from all over the world through a journey to deep healing and experiencing profound love. Julie-Anne embodies what she teaches which is reflected in her inspiring personal story and her knowledge and expertise as coach, presenter and speaker.”

– Colin Tippin, Author of Radical Forgiveness
and Expanding Into Love

Break Free, Come Back to Yourself and Fall in Love With YOU

You CAN be free. You can BE who you really are and always have been minus all the trauma and pain.  You can bring all of the lost and hurting pieces of yourself back to health and wholeness.

I have done this myself and have helped women just like you. I know the pain is excruciating and for some of you abuse is all you have ever known.  That was my truth too and my heart goes out to you.   But I know you can know what REAL love is.  It begins with learning to love yourself to overflowing and being fully yourself. You CAN heal and soar high.

Ready to be Inspired and Feel a Sense of Hope and Community?

Come to one of Julie-Anne’s live performances where she shares her personal story of healing from the trauma of childhood and narcissistic abuse through her album
“Met by Grace.” Meet and get to know other women who understand.

“An inspiring story of hope told with amazing courage”
“Engaging, compelling and so very emotive”

Be inspired! Listen to Julie-Anne sing this powerful message from her album “Met by Grace” – shot in beautiful Bali!

Begin Your New Life

of Joy and Purpose

Do you feel as though you are on the outside looking in, separated from life and others and unable to access the goodness of life – the love, the abundance, the joy, the success?

Is there a burning desire within you for something more, yet you worry that it’s too late, you’re too damaged or somehow you cannot heal and be yourself no matter how hard you try?  

With all of my heart and soul I know you CAN heal and start living from your soul to experience the true magic of life.

You can soar higher than you’ve ever known to experience REAL love and kindness. Abuse is not real love because love is ALWAYS kind.