Your Path to Freedom after Narcissistic Abuse

Online Course – Starting November 10th, 2020

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My Journey to Freedom from the Chains of Abuse

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Be inspired! Listen to Julie-Anne sing this powerful message from her album “Met by Grace” – shot in beautiful Bali!

 Bali Retreat – May 14-23, 2021

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My Journey to Freedom from the Chains of Abuse


Next event: Sunday January 19th, 7pm

Lantern Arts Center, Raynes Park 

Price: £10 Pounds 

Join Julie-Anne as she shares her personal story of healing from the trauma of childhood and narcissistic abuse.

Written in Bali, the album was written when Julie-Anne was going through a divorce and upon realizing she had suffered severe narcissistic abuse.  The album takes you on a journey from the darkness and despair to the joy of healing and self-love.

With imagery and story-telling weaved through along with from-the-heart sharing and the opportunity to share and ask questions in this safe and intimate space, you are sure to leave feeling inspired, hopeful and deeply moved.