Hi, I’m Julie-Anne.

Thank you so much for being here.

I have a lot of experience, have coached and taught thousands of women around the world and have led hundreds of events and workshops. I have also spoken at many events/interviews and have written for numerous newspapers, magazines and media outlets. Yet it truly is my vast life and personal experience that has made me who I am today and given me the ability to support others with vulnerability, authenticity, empathy and compassion.

I have been and continue to be on an incredible transformational journey into joy, love, wholeness and wellbeing.

I have experienced and navigated through a toxic, abusive childhood environment, the pain of unhealthy relationships, the despair of narcissistic abuse, the joy of meeting the love of my life and the grief of divorce, along with the beauty of opening up to love again. I have felt devoid of any hope. I have been through the fire to get to the other side and to reach the true joy of finally being free and coming home to myself, truly the greatest love of all.

When I was five years old, I had the experience of looking down from above at my caregivers thinking “I wouldn’t do it that way.” It was as though I carried an innate wisdom and a knowing that there was more for me to do in the world, although it took many years to fully understand this.

Many years ago, I became aware that Love/Relationship and music is my path and my purpose. I went through many years of struggle in relationships attracting unavailable, uncommitted men over and over again. Committing to transforming my experience and the inner work, when I met my husband, I thought I had finally “made it.” But no, he was in fact a messenger to show me my deeper wounds in such a powerful way that I was brought to my knees, a matter of “do” or “die.” The experience forced me to face all of the deeply held trauma within and heal it in order to take me to a completely new level of consciousness, wisdom and insight to share and to up-level me into the truest and most authentic version of myself. Now I am indeed beyond grateful for the experience that forced me to go deep within and address my wounds once and for all. I am free!

I love to sing and have been singing since I was a child and professionally as an adult, along with songwriting and teaching individuals and group workshops, classes and courses. My album “Met by Grace” was written in Bali while I was going through my divorce. it takes the listener through the journey of my life, through the darkness of adversity and into the ultimate joy of healing and self-love.

I sometimes bring singing and music into my Love is always kind events, where I tell my story through singing. I have also seen that singing can be powerfully healing, where people find their true and authentic voice.

My life is truly magical. I am blessed to spend portions of the year in London, California and Bali. I do fulfilling work that fills my soul with joy every day. I get to travel – teaching love and music at festivals and events around the world. I have wonderful friends where our relationship is based on deep trust, respect and love. I sing and perform regularly, which feeds my soul. I write music and lyrics, which inspires and nurtures me.

My greatest mission is to bring the experience, wisdom and insight I have gained to others. I know that a beautiful life full of love, joy and fulfillment is not only possible but inevitable for you if you are willing to go within. So within, so without. Our outer world ALWAYS reflects our inner world.

I invite you to join me. Let’s do this together.

Lots of love,