Success Stories

Lia, Germany

“I attended Julie-Anne’s workshop when I was in so much pain.  I knew something was very wrong but didn’t realize I had been  through narcissistic abuse.  When Julie-Anne started talking about narcissism and sharing her own story, I realized right away that my father was a narcissist – everything started to make sense.  I felt so relieved to finally be heard, for someone to truly understand and to know I am not alone.  My tears flowed as Julie-Anne showed me how to connect with and start to heal my “little one” inside. I went on to have a private session where I went even deeper.  I am healing and I am so very grateful.”



Sabrina, USA


“Working with Julie-Anne is like having your very own personal angel guiding you to love.”



“Julie-Anne creates an environment of incredible compassion and safely.  Her work has opened my eyes and given me a completely new perspective on my life, who I am, what my experiences have meant and how i can heal.  I have hope that I haven’t felt in so long, thank you.”

– Su-Li, Australia 


Praise from top spiritual teachers, coaches and authors from around the world:


“Julie-Anne embodies the love and radiance of which she teaches.”

– Lara & Johnny Fernandez – Love Launch Training



“Julie-Anne’s work guides women from all over the world through a journey to deep healing and experiencing profound love. Julie-Anne embodies what she teaches which is reflected in her inspiring personal story and her knowledge and expertise as coach, presenter and speaker.”

– Colin Tippin, Author of Radical Forgiveness and Expanding Into Love


“Julie-Anne put together a delightful moment in time, through her event and it was our pleasure to take part. She created a healing event which taught many how to work more skilfully with relationship.”

– Stephen and Ondrea Levine, Best-selling authors of Embracing the Beloved



“It has been a pleasure collaborating with Julie-Anne. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, warm and engaging, and her delivery and content are compelling for men and women who want to break through their barriers to achieve the love they desire.

– David Steele, Author of Conscious Dating



We thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration with Julie-Anne. She has a warm, radiant, and positive presence, and is dedicated to offering her own personal inspiring journey to love, her expertise, and her boundless enthusiasm in service to others traveling their own paths to the healthy, fulfilling love they desire.

– Mali Apple & Joe Dunn, Authors of The Soulmate Experience


“I had the pleasure of interviewing Julie-Anne Grace on my 2012 Virtual Event The Love Summit and I can honestly say that it was one of my favorite interviews. Not only does Julie-Anne really know her stuff (she’s living proof of the transformation she provides), but she also has such a gift for communicating her message in an incredibly authentic and compassionate manner. I highly recommend Julie-Anne as a genuine, empathetic and eloquent messenger.”

– Sandra Fidelis, Love Coach


“It has been a joy to collaborate with Julie-Anne both as an interviewer and interviewee. Her own inspiring story is captivating. She delivers with warmth and authenticity and her content is full of real-world, actionable ways that people can heal for real and experience the love they desire.”

– Cherry Norris, Founder of Meet and Marry Your Man


“Having Julie-Anne Grace as a guest on my video summit was an absolute pleasure. She brings such a sweetness and raw vulnerability to her speaking and her authenticity and genuine passion for people to heal and have love shines through. She shares her story in a way that has everybody believe that the amazing healing she created for herself is absolutely possible for them too.”

– Nicole Moore, Love Coach