I want to talk about a topic that has become more and more close to my heart.

We are continually told that we need to “let go” of our limiting beliefs.  We need to heal them. We need to release them. We need to transform them into beliefs that serve us so that we can manifest what we want in life, including a loving partner. Indeed, I taught this myself for a very long time myself.

I know many of you have been committed to your spiritual journey and self-development for years, making your best efforts to evolve from the pain of the past.  Even the highly acclaimed Law of Attraction teaches us that if we “think” good thoughts in alignment with what we want to create, we will attract it.

So why doesn’t it seem to work for so many of us?  Or perhaps it works to some degree but doesn’t really bring us the fulfillment we yearn for?

Why do we find ourselves still thinking about a former love from years ago, or keep attracting the same types of unsuitable men, or unable to move on and create our vision of a beautiful home, or purposeful work, or a healthy fit body or indeed the love of our selves?

Through my journey of attracting the wrong types of men over and over again, then finally attracting the love of my life, then going through divorce and now opening up to love again, I have realized there is a piece missing.

What is it that really gets in the way of letting go and releasing?  Why is it so hard?

In my experience of healing myself and working with women like you around the world, the answer is trauma.

Most of us have experienced trauma to some degree, either consciously or unconsciously.  Trauma can occur pre-birth during our time in the womb, throughout our childhood and of course throughout our adulthood.  I would even say it occurs during past lives and through our ancestors, although you do not need to believe that to understand the point of this article.

When an event occurs in our lives that threatens our mere survival, we make meaning out of it and take on a belief about it.  At the same time the trauma of the event gets clogged up in our body.

We cannot heal trauma with our mind.  It is not possible to heal trauma on a cognitive level and no amount of “positive thinking” will work.  The body that knows. The body carries the memories of everything that has happened to us.

How many times have we said “I knew it in my gut.”  “I felt it in the pit of my stomach.”  “I got shivers down my spine” or “I got goosebumps all over.”  These are some of the ways in which our bodies try to convey messages to us.

Until we clear the trauma up and out of our bodies, we will continue to attract the same old patterns and painful experiences no matter how hard we try on a mind.  When we clear trauma out of our body, the mind will follow. We literally create space inside us to start to have clarity.  Space is created for the answers we have been trying so hard to figure out to reveal themselves.

Suddenly, the obsession, the addiction, the pain, the pattern or whatever it is, subsides and makes way for the good stuff life has to offer.  Now we can powerfully manifest our dreams and desires.

I will be writing and teaching much more about this and specifically how to access and clear trauma to open up to deeply fulfilling and thriving life and love.

Meanwhile, I would love to hear from you.  How does resonate with you?  What particular topics are you currently struggling with?  How can I support you?

Sending so much love your way,